Andesa Corporate Culture and Values

Our clients trust us with their careers and their companies. And we take that trust very seriously. That’s precisely why we’re far more than a sales-oriented “outsourced vendor.”

We honor our clients’ commitment to us. Their success is our success. That’s why our clients turn to us again and again to manage some of their most complex business needs. In turn, we offer them honesty, openness, respect, integrity, innovation—and the promise to communicate regularly and meet deadlines and budgets.

I think of Andesa as a firm which has a soul. To say that a firm has a soul is to say that it has incorporated into its operating procedures strong ethical values and an uncompromising concern for the welfare of its employees.

— John E. Walker, Andesa Founder and Chairman of the Board

At Andesa, you’re never just another client. You’re a partner. And it’s never just your project — it’s ours.


Andesa’s employees are the bedrock of our success—an all-star roster of talented and dedicated professionals who are committed to meeting our clients’ needs. We learned long ago that satisfied employees work harder on behalf of our clients, with whom they’re able to form trusting, long-term relationships. In fact, the company was founded on that principle.

Andesa clients quickly come to value the fact that our employees are innovative, creative and forward-thinking — as well as reasonable, down-to-earth and methodical in their solutions. Together, we seamlessly bridge the gap between business needs and technology solutions, focusing on measurable results, continuously educating our clients and ourselves along the way.

To ensure we’re doing everything possible to make working at Andesa a positive experience, we conduct annual employee satisfaction surveys, then create actionable plans to address specific concerns.

“Value from Values”

John E. Walker started Andesa on a foundation of honesty, respect, integrity, responsibility, courage and initiative. Now, more than 30 years later, those values ring as true as ever.

At Andesa, we believe:

  • In seeking “win-win-win” results in all we do. A win for our clients, a win for our employees and a win for our owners.
  • That ends never justify the means. All we do indelibly imprints our final products.
  • In a true partnership relationship with our clients and will strive to achieve this end.
  • In focusing our efforts on producing quality results, which have a lasting value for all.

Want to learn more about Andesa’s culture, values and mission? Contact us and we will gladly share the book Value from Values with you.

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