Andesa’s logo, explained

Andesa Services' logo represents clients, employees and shareholders.

Instantly recognizable in life insurance and annuity circles, Andesa Services’ “Stylized ‘A'” logo is designed to reflect the company’s modern corporate profile, while taking cues from its rich history.

The three points of the logo pay tribute to the firm’s key constituents (employees, clients and shareholders). The interplay among the logo’s design elements evokes the substance of the partnership Andesa enjoys with its clientele, while the use of a gradient in the image and text is emblematic of the transparency Andesa shares with its clients. Also, the contrast of the modern logo juxtaposed against a traditional font balances Andesa’s 30-year legacy and its promising future.

The color scheme of blue hues and gray accents help portray Andesa as a progressive solution provider. The blues tones suggest strength and vibrancy, while the subtle gray undertones speak to the industrial-strength nature of Andesa’s mission-critical insurance solutions.


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Andesa Successfully Completes SOC 1®, SOC 2®, and SOC 3® Examinations