14 Insights from the 2016 Life Insurance Client Forum


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Andesa Services recently hosted its Client Forum at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN

Dozens of representatives from top carriers and distributors gathered at the Andesa Services 2016 Client Forum entitled, The Andesa Sound: Find Your Voice – a play on the uniqueness of the Nashville Sound and Steven Covey’s 8th Habit: Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs too.

Andesa’s success is driven by an ecosystem of relationships amongst our staff and clients, whereby each is strengthened and can grow to reach their full potential. The Client Forum provides a wonderful opportunity to bring these constituents together in a learning environment.  The Forum welcomed a number of speakers across industries, speaking on macro-trends impacting the business climate, topics relevant to the life insurance industry, and personal leadership mastery skills that will drive success over the long-term.

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Here are fourteen insights from our time together:

Keynote speaker Rip Tilden, co-author of “Leading on Purpose” and Partner at Makarios Consulting, challenged the attendees to embrace the mantle of leadership:

  • You can make a decision to systemically build your leadership skills.
  • Effective leadership takes time.  Take the time to be more effective.

Jamie Yoder is PwC’s Global Insurance Advisory Leader.  He shared the 32 macro trends he is monitoring–grouped by Social, Economic, Political, Environmental and Technology matters–which could have significant implications for the industry:

  • The future may be hard to predict, but not as difficult to prepare for.
  • We tend to overestimate the impact of change in the short-term (linear thinking), but then underestimate the change and pace of change over the long-term.
  • Shouldn’t the way we buy and experience our insurance products change dramatically?

The AALU’s Vice President of Legislative Affairs, Justin Brown, did his best to handicap the upcoming election cycle, as well as share tax policy and regulatory insights.  Perhaps the comment which scared me the most in the entire conference was:

  • Personnel is policy: The ACA and Dodd-Frank have effectively transferred legislative responsibilities to Executive Branch departments.  Think about the marginalizing of our citizen voices and the impact of lobbying on departmental staffers.

Laura Garnett inspired us all to get in “The Zone” and make our life and work more meaningful:

  • “My dream job doesn’t exist.  I need to create it.”  Laura provided tools and questions around five key areas of personal mastery – Challenge, Impact, Mindset & Health, Effort and Process.

Jason Young shared his 5P recipe (Purpose, Passion, Professional, Process and Pizazz) for “Servicetopia” success.  Young challenged:

  • In the service business, ATTITUDE has to be a performance criteria.
  • It is so easy to get focused on the transactional that we forget it’s about the people.

Jim McKeone, Senior Managing Partner with Institutional Insurance Group, shared his insights on the commonalities and unique service challenges of key products in the market. According to McKeone:

  • ICOLI administration presents some challenges unique to this particular product.  Will the ICOLI market develop like the BOLI market over time, and when will the tipping point occur?

Ray Farmer, the Director of the South Carolina Department of Insurance and member of the NAIC Cybersecurity Task Force, provided an update on the NAIC’s efforts:

  • Over one-third of American citizens have had their health information compromised. Cybersecurity isn’t an IT issue; it is an enterprise risk issue, a Board issue and a CEO issue.

Novarica Principal, Rob McIsaac, shared his insights on technology expectations as well as the implications for the COLI market from recent research sponsored by Andesa “Business Technology Issues in Corporate-Owned-Life Insurance.” According to McIsaac:

  • To attract a younger consumer, the industry is moving from a risk transfer experience methodology to the experience of feeling covered.
  • Many carriers are operating in a bi-modal model – maintaining the legacy business but investing in new and future models of business.
  • Better service can often be offered as self-service, and self-service is often less expensive in the long-run.

If you would like to read a detailed bio on each speaker, or are looking for their contact information please visit our Client Forum page.

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