Grateful, Simply Grateful

Written by: Ron Scheese

Happy Thanksgiving!

I frequently commute the back country roads of eastern Pennsylvania in the mornings to prepare for my day at Andesa. Sun roof open, the crisp autumnal air and the brilliance of the colors awaken my sleepy eyes. At that time of morning, faded shades of pink clouds illuminate a pale blue sky as the sun starts its own journey for another day. This time of year, multiple shades of red, orange, yellow and green dominate the changing foliage on my journey. It never fails to put me at peace and in a contemplative mood.

During those times of contemplation, my thoughts often turn to our client relationships. Just yesterday I sat in a conference room with one of our client partners. We discussed strategy and direction for the upcoming years of our work together. Andesa is blessed to have such connections with our clients. As I reflect upon those relationships, I recognize that they are some of the strongest bonds I have ever experienced in my professional career. We truly are partners. We work together to build an operational ecosystem around process and technology that helps us collaborate to address tough issues and construct solid solutions and relationships.

Andesa treasures these relationships and we strive to honor the trust placed in us. While we may struggle and stumble at times, we rely upon our values to strengthen and maintain these relationships.

In order to do so, Andesa must recruit, develop, and retain talented, like-minded individuals for our team. These individuals live out our values in their daily walk and create the relationships which build our business. Our employee owners are the core of our business relationships with our clients.
I recognize that my blog is typically read by our employees and clients.

So, to my fellow teammates,

Thank You for being uniquely you! Your talents, spirit, quirks, dedication, unselfishness, desire for personal growth and the kindness you extend to others make it a blast to come to work every day.

To our client partners, Thank You for honoring the dedication and commitment of my Andesa teammates through the confidence you place in us. We value you and appreciate your willingness to go beyond the contractual world to a true trusted-partnership relationship. Your enthusiasm to invest and make personal contributions to strengthen our relationship is immeasurable. We are grateful for your business. There is nothing in our future that we cannot overcome by working together.

Mom’s advice to “stop and smell the roses” is a terrific reminder of the need to slow down and appreciate what is. We may find that “what is” is beyond what we longed for or more than we thought might be.

So take a long ride in the country. Reflect on the blessings in your life. Please enjoy your family and friends this holiday season. Best wishes for a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!

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