What We Learned at the 2015 Andesa Client Forum


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Andesa Services recently hosted its Client Forum at the Marriott Biscayne Bay in Miami.

Dozens of representatives from top carriers and distributors escaped the cold, wintery North to participate in the Andesa Services 2015 Client Forum entitled Life 2020 – a play on gaining 2020 vision with a five-year strategic planning outlook to the year 2020.

Andesa’s success is driven by continual learning, open communication with our clients and expanding relationships. The Client Forum provides a wonderful opportunity to address all three elements of success. The Forum welcomed a number of speakers across industries, all of which spoke on topics relevant to the life insurance industry and to the macro-trends impacting the business climate that will drive success over the next five years. Here’s a snapshot of what attendees heard:

Keynote speaker Kevin Ford, co-author of The Leadership Triangle and Principal at TAG Consulting, challenged the attendees to embrace the role of leadership. According to Ford:

  • The first task of leadership is to distinguish between what needs to be preserved and what needs to change.
  • Many organizations and industries are nearing the end of their business-life cycle. Finding the next “S-Curve” is critical but also a time of confusion. This transition period demands strategic and perhaps even transformational leadership.

Jim Murphy, a Partner with Johnson Lambert, LLP provided an outlook on the regulatory environment and tax reform.

  • While there is bipartisan support for tax reform and proposals from both sides of the aisle, there is little teamwork in Washington which would indicate a capability of passing something meaningful before the 2016 election.
  • The Federal Insurance Office is actively gathering information – expect more in the way of regulatory involvement over the next five years.
  • Advances in medicine and human genome are having a significant impact on life expectancy. There are significant implications for life insurance carriers.

Kirk Penland, CEO of Pen-Cal Administrators, provided an update on the Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Market.

  • While variable universal life and/or mutual funds continue to be the most popular vehicles to offset NQDC plan liabilities, indexed universal life contracts are increasing in popularity.

Mark Zinder, President & CEO of Mark Zinder and Associates electrified the attendees with an Economic Outlook unlike any other as he discussed What Happens Next. According to Zinder:

  • The technology revolution is nearing the end of its 50 year life-cycle. What Happens Next will create opportunities and “creative destruction.”
  • Encouraging outlook for America and opportunities in Biotech, Graphene and 3-D printing are just emerging.

Bill Hartnett, President of Hartnett Advisors, discussed how technology will impact the insurance industry. Hartnett challenged the attendees to:

  • Lead transformational change. Advances in genome, the internet of things, Bitcoin, etc. will dramatically impact the marketplace. Think 10 years ahead and experiment. Failure is an option.

Ryan Jenkins, a Next Generation Keynote Speaker, Author and Podcaster discussed the trends impacted by the changing generational demographic in America. According to Jenkins:

  • Millennials are already the largest generation on the planet and will grow from 40% of the workforce in 2015 to nearly 75% by 2025.
  • It is the intersection of the internet, technology and the largest generation on the planet that will impact the business climate over the next 5 to 10 years. Leaders must “Get Mobile, Get Social and Get Clear.”

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