Life Insurance SaaS Client Case Studies

Andesa is the intelligence and the technology behind policy administration, plan administration and illustrations for leading life insurance and annuity carriers and brokers nationwide.

Each client is different, so our approach to each is different. Andesa is interested in forging long-term client relationships with leading carriers and producers. We work tirelessly to deploy flexible solutions grounded in budget, deadline and business objectives. In this way, we enable clients to stay ahead of evolving technology, competition, market opportunities and customer behavior.

Enabling efficiencies & providing support to Cigna

Andesa is a proud partner of Cigna Corporate Insurance.In the mid-2000s, Cigna Corporate Insurance was at a crossroads. Like many large carriers, Cigna had developed several policy administration systems over a multi-year period. As time went on, regulatory changes mounted, products changed and market requirements shifted. This made it increasingly inefficient for the carrier to maintain and test several internal systems.

The Andesa Policy Administration system changed all that. READ MORE

Creating streamlined, results-oriented offerings for Lincoln

Andesa is a proud partner of Lincoln Financial Group.Lincoln Financial Group’s Executive Benefits division has a sterling reputation, thanks to the quality of its COLI/BOLI products (VUL, UL and general account BOLI), its outstanding client service and its knowledgeable, experienced broker base.

Seeking a way to present increasingly streamlined and results-oriented offerings to distributors and end clients, in addition to creating internal efficiencies, the division partnered with Andesa Services to develop an automation toolset to support pre-issue enrollment sales activity, new business submission processing and post-issue policy administration activities. READ MORE

Implementing a plan admin system under a tight deadline

After a major brokerage announced it was largely leaving the corporate- and bank-owned life insurance space, a select group of the firm’s top employees and independent contractors, with a strong desire to continue providing “best-in-class” service to their existing clients, embarked on a fresh venture.

This unique situation made it essential that a plan administration system be implemented in less than six months.

Andesa helped the new company hit its deadline – and serve clients with zero lag. READ MORE

Meeting strict qualifications for a leading life insurance carrier

In 2004, a leading life insurance carrier was examining the possibility of entering the private placement arena. Once the decision was made to move ahead, the carrier began searching for a partner for the build-out of its first private placement offering: a retail individually owned product.

Just any solution provider, however, would not do. The carrier needed any potential partner to meet a number of strict qualifications.

In the end, only one vendor was able to meet – and exceed – those specifications: Andesa Services. READ MORE

Creating efficiencies by unifying disparate systems

A major carrier’s Executive Benefits division was considering a revision to its outsourcing model. While the division was pleased with the performance of policy administration provider Andesa Services, it was examining options for presale and in-force illustrations. Likewise, the carrier had begun actively searching for a provider of web-based reporting tools.

The carrier sought to use the opportunity to maximize efficiency, ensure data integrity and offer both internal personnel and brokers streamlined, 24/7/365 access to key data. Ultimately, they chose Andesa – creating a true win-win situation. READ MORE

Migrating UL and VUL policies to a modern environment

A major carrier’s Advanced Markets division was faced with a major challenge. The company that administered a large block of the carrier’s UL and VUL policies – approximately 40,000 active policies plus 80,000 inactive policies – was planning to leave the life insurance policy administration space.

The vast majority of employees with experience supporting the carrier’s needs had already left the administration company, with more leaving every month. The carrier’s support contract was nearly up, and renewal would be prohibitively expensive – if it was possible at all.

Andesa successfully converted a significant block of group insurance business to a modern, fully integrated environment. READ MORE

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