Conversion Management

The Andesa Conversion Engine (ACE) allows users to efficiently convert blocks of policies from legacy systems to Andesa’s modern AFAS policy administration system.

Because it is modeled after the fully-integrated, cloud-based AFAS system, ACE allows carriers to enjoy the benefits of Andesa administration quickly and simply. Data is custom mapped for input, and ACE’s highly reusable and repeatable processes allow for error-free, validated conversions — especially compared to manual processes.

ACE features:

  • Efficient, error-free conversions to the AFAS policy administration system
  • Hosting on an Oracle database on its own dedicated server
  • Support for phased conversions
  • Fully automated, repeatable processes
  • Custom mapping of input data from carriers
  • Support for conversions of as few as 5,000 or as many as hundreds of thousands of policies
  • Version control of source code with Oracle Data Integrator
  • Access to a robust archiving system

The Andesa Conversion EngineMaking it easy to move blocks of policies to Andesa’s modern policy administration system. Contact us to learn more.

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