Data Archiving

Andesa’s modern data archiving capabilities offer clients a stable way to cost-effectively host and support rarely accessed historical data.

Andesa can archive historical policy data in conjunction with or without the conversion of a block of policies. The data can then be accessed ad hoc using Andesa’s flexible reporting tools or directly with the DataMart reporting solution via the use of custom-built reports.

Like all information hosted in Andesa’s online database, archived data is backed up nightly.

By archiving your historical policy data with Andesa, you can:

  • Save on license fees and hardware maintenance resulting from the use of legacy systems
  • Pay for access to rarely used data only when you need it
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your data is backed up, safe and secure

Historical data archiving by AndesaThe cost-effective way to host rarely accessed information. Contact us to learn more.

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