Mail Processing Specialist

The successful candidate will be responsible for all client and internal mailing functions on a daily basis. Emphasis is on ensuring the timeliness of and accuracy in generating and mailing client annual statements, bills and confirmation statements. The successful candidate must be able to work 2:00 pm to 10:30 pm Monday through Friday.

• Generates daily Quality Assurance form (CQAW) and searches for available annual reports in operations calendar.
• Retrieves supporting documentation as required (Emails, special instructions/procedures, etc.).
• Completes verification log as required.
• Prints statements or burns CD’s.
• Ensures proper documentation for Quality Assurance form (CQAW).
• Handles all address exceptions.
• Stuffs envelopes/stamps/scans/mails and emails documents
• Handles updates to operations calendar.
• Maintain a client service approach by adhering to company values.

Essential skills:
• Meticulous in attention to detail, experience checking own work and work of others.
• Ability to efficiently use copying, mailing, scanning and general office applications.
• Ability to work with a Windows environment.
• Proficient in Excel.

Education and Experience:
• Transaction processing, document imaging and mailing, and/or business office experience preferred.
• High school diploma or equivalent required.


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