Watch Andesa’s 2013 AALU Annual Meeting panel discussion

Andesa Services’ panel discussion from the 2013 AALU Annual Meeting, “Streamline Processes and Reduce Costs: An Advanced Approach for the After Tax Market,” is now available online.

Hosted by Distribution Services Manager Larry Resnick, the presentation included discussions on the emergence of after-tax market opportunities and  multiple perspectives on market challenges. Resnick and fellow presenters also discussed ways in which technology can help:

  • Streamline applications/forms management
  • Streamline enrollment
  • Streamline post-sale maintenance
  • Enhance a carrier or distributor’s value proposition

You can watch a streaming video of the presentation, reproduced with permission from AALU, by clicking here.

You can download a PDF version of the PowerPoint deck, also reproduced with permission from AALU, by clicking here. 

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