Andesa Announces Project to Enhance User Experience

Andesa Services, a leading provider of comprehensive, integrated policy administration, plan administration and support solutions for life insurance and annuity carriers and producers, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with user research and experience design firm Think Brownstone to streamline use of its SaaS offerings.

The project will create numerous benefits for current and prospective users of Andesa’s solution set, including:

  • Single sign-on access, via desktop or mobile, to all available functionality including policy administration, illustrations, reporting, portals and more.
  • Improved ease of use due to more intuitive navigation, cross-functional features, and accessible information architecture.
  • Increased efficiency throughout Andesa’s suite of integrated services.

“This is more than just a modernization face-lift,” said Alan Czysz, Andesa Services’ Systems Development Manager. “The goal of this project is to take Andesa’s suite of services and enhance it with a more current, intuitive and powerful user experience. The end result will retain the robust functionality of the current suite of services but provide greater ease of use and efficiencies for our clients. Obviously, our team is very excited about this project and the opportunity to work with the professionals at Think Brownstone.”

“Designing exceptional experiences is what we love to do, and it’s always great to work with an organization like Andesa that truly ‘gets’ the growth and differentiation that can come from thoughtfully-designed systems,” said Andrew Evans, Think Brownstone’s Design Lead for the initiative. “It’s fantastic that Andesa is further investing in its users and customers, and we’re really looking forward to joining forces to take the SaaS portal to the next level.”

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About Andesa Services

Andesa Services provides comprehensive, integrated policy administration, plan administration and support solutions for life insurance and annuity carriers and producers. Andesa began as a pioneer in the field of SaaS policy administration. Today, more than 30 years later, we provide seven of the top 13 life and annuity carriers and several top brokers with a comprehensive suite of services backed by decades of proven, practical expertise in the life insurance industry. Andesa’s highly experienced team of U.S.-based professionals is made up of devoted client advocates who help insurers large and small save time, reduce risk and tap unrealized value.

About Think Brownstone

Think Brownstone, Inc. is an Experience Design firm founded in 2007, employing 60+ consultants with expertise in various design, technology, media, and business-related disciplines. Focused primarily on digital interfaces—including responsive web-based and native mobile applications—Think Brownstone uses a research-driven methodology to ensure design decisions are always based on evidence. Areas of specialty include data visualization, complex transactional systems, driving engagement in business applications, and designing within complex legal and regulatory environments. Learn more about them at

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