Andesa Services announces client portal for ADASTAR Q+ system

Andesa Services, Inc., announced today that it has added a client portal to its ADASTAR Q+™ plan administration system that facilitates easy downloading and retrieval of reports and other documents.

The portal enables distributors or carriers using the ADASTAR Q+™ system to better service their plan administration clients by having the ability to automatically post any BOLI/NQDC report or document, as soon as it is available, to a secure internet portal accessible only by authorized users. In turn, this modern portal technology provides clients of the distributors and carriers with immediate, secure and timely access to those valuable and sensitive reports and documents, thus eliminating all delays related to direct mail or email distribution. The portal significantly reduces the security risks associated with mailing hard copies or emailing electronic versions of reports containing sensitive data.

“We are extremely excited to provide this new service to our clients,” said Vince Collier, Executive Vice President of Andesa. “It will enable them to streamline their month-end and year-end reporting processes and reduce the time and effort devoted to the creation and distribution of time-sensitive reports for their clients. We know the consumers of these reports, such as banks and corporate plan sponsors, will value the speed and flexibility of being able to retrieve their reports the moment they are complete.

“This is just one of a number of enhancements planned for our plan administration solution that will enhance our clients’ ability to continually improve their service offerings.”

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