Andesa CEO Mission Service Project in Puerto Rico

Andesa Services CEO Ron Scheese and his family traveled this month to San Juan, Puerto Rico as part of a mission service project team.

Andesa Services CEO Ron Scheese gives back to the community.

The trip included 41 Pennsylvania-based volunteers from the First Presbyterian Church of Reading and the Community Evangelical Church in Sinking Springs, PA.  During their week of ministry, the team completed service projects, visited the elderly in nursing homes and conducted a Vacation Bible School program, telling stories and building relationships.  The team was based out of the Calvary Church of the Nazarene in San Juan and served alongside Pastor Mariel Lopez and her staff. The trip was organized and managed by Praying Pelican Missions (

“My time at Andesa Services has brought many blessings to me and my family,” Scheese said. “ Our company values ethics and community service and these types of service opportunities are a grateful response to those blessings and commitments.  I am proud to be one of many Andesa employees who give back to those in need.

“Most tourists simply think of Puerto Rico as a destination where they can enjoy the comforts of American life, exotic beaches and Caribbean culture. But few realize that nearly half of the island’s residents live in poverty and that many don’t have access to basic police or emergency medical services. To be able to help, even a little, is extremely gratifying.”

“For me, the dichotomy between tremendous wealth and extreme poverty within a small area was overwhelming,” said Scheese.  “I was humbled to be part of such a wonderful ministry team. We created a lot of deep relationships in a short time of service.  While our current trip is complete, our thoughts, hearts and prayers remain in San Juan and we hope to return and serve again someday.”

About Andesa Services
Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2013, Andesa Services has been a consistent leader in quality, highly efficient, integrated marketing and administrative solutions for life insurance and annuity companies and their distributors. Seven of the top 13 U.S. life insurance companies – as well as a number of the largest brokerage firms in the country – use Andesa’s suite of services to deliver superior policy administration, plan administration, reporting and illustration solutions. Andesa’s client-centric solutions combine a unique ASP/TPA business model with a modern technology blueprint and exceptionally knowledgeable insurance professionals in support of open and closed blocks of individual and group insurance. To learn more about Andesa, visit


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