New book illustrates how an employee-centric environment drives organizational greatness

Society has an insatiable need for environments which feed the human soul. The business firm has both an opportunity and a responsibility to provide such; after all, how many human activities consume as much time and energy?

Ethics and the Employee-Centric Firm is the story of the creation of a small, but great, firm built upon the fundamental premise that it exists as an institution for the purpose of creating an environment within which its employees can excel for the benefit of all parties related to the company. It offers Andesa as testament to the success of the unique business value system and the win-win-win returns delivered to the employee, the client and the shareholder.

Andesa Chairman and author John Walker notes “I have, for some time, wanted to reach out to students, professors and business people and share the story of Andesa with the hope that it will encourage them to consider the crucial role environment plays in the design and operation of a firm.”

Ethics and the Employee-Centric Firm is a business book which describes the evolution of Andesa from its genesis to its current state. The book draws from the personal influences and life lessons of its founder, John Walker, as it substantiates the fundamental tenets of the firm’s existence and makes its case for a uniquely successful business paradigm.

To Obtain a Copy

Ethics and the Employee-Centric Firm is available today by clicking here.

About the Author – John E. Walker

John is the founder of Andesa Services, Inc. He received a B.S. in Industrial Management from Clemson University and a PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia. The making of Andesa has been and continues to be the greatest professional passion of his life. He retired from active management in May 2007 and currently is Chairman of the Board. He can be reached at

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