New Andesa Tool Streamlines New Business Processing And Enrollment

Andesa Services, Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive, integrated policy administration, plan administration and support solutions for life insurance and annuity carriers and producers, is pleased to announce the official launch of its Integrated New Business Portal, a web-based tool designed to increase efficiency and data accuracy in insurance enrollment and new business processing.

The Integrated New Business Portal uses intelligent, rules-based forms to ensure that carriers consistently receive complete, 100 percent In Good Order electronic new business data, regardless of the number or complexity of applications. The result is a dramatic decrease in costs and manual processes compared to paper or traditional electronic forms, as well as a marked head start in the underwriting process.

The tool is fully integrated with Andesa’s secure, cloud-based illustration, policy administration and reporting solutions, allowing for automated support of the entire new business process from the point of entry of the census for illustrations to the actual issuance of policies.

“The Integrated New Business Portal represents a true ‘win-win-win’ when it comes to enrollment and new business processing,” said Vince Collier, Andesa Services’ Executive Vice President. “The workload on brokers is reduced, end customers enjoy a streamlined experience and carriers consistently receive In Good Order data. Best of all, while use of the system is not restricted to the non-qualified market, the system is capable of handling the complexities and nuances of the non-qualified market out of the box, allowing carriers offering executive benefit and COLI/BOLI plans to enjoy the efficiencies once reserved for simpler products.”

About Andesa Services
Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2013, Andesa Services has been a consistent leader in quality, highly efficient, integrated marketing and administrative solutions for life insurance and annuity companies and their distributors. Seven of the top 13 U.S. life insurance companies – as well as a number of the largest brokerage firms in the country – use Andesa’s suite of services to deliver superior policy administration, plan administration, reporting and illustration solutions. Andesa’s client-centric solutions combine a unique ASP/TPA business model with a modern technology blueprint and exceptionally knowledgeable insurance professionals in support of open and closed blocks of individual and group insurance. To learn more about Andesa, visit

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