Policy and Case Reporting

Andesa’s DataMart reporting solution enables clients to achieve secure, dynamic, flexible policy reporting at any level.

DataMart makes use of Andesa’s secure, private cloud and centralized policy data warehouse to provide convenient, easy access to reports at the case, division or policy level. And because it’s fully integrated with the AFAS policy administration system and the ADASTAR illustration system, values will be accurate across all systems.

With DataMart, self-serve policy and case reporting has never been simpler. Access reports when you need them, or set up recurring, scheduled reports — and receive an email notification when they’re available.

DataMart features:

  • Secure, online access to reports at the case, division or policy level
  • No-wait policy value reporting
  • Access to reports from any computer with web access
  • Accurate policy values, updated nightly and sourced from a common data warehouse
  • Aggregate reports based on any common theme
  • Standard reports, including Cash Value and Fund Detail Reports, plus more than 50 custom reports
  • Exporting to familiar file formats, including Microsoft Excel and PDF
  • Recurring, scheduled reports

Achieve secure, dynamic, flexible policy reporting with DataMart. Contact us to learn more.

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