Policy Inquiry

When you need instant access to granular policy-level information, you need Policy Snapshot — Andesa’s web-based policy inquiry solution.

Policy Snapshot allows users to conveniently and easily view policy-level detail — including financial transaction history, such as monthaversary changes, premiums, withdrawals, loans and transfers — sourced from Andesa’s common data warehouse.

With Policy Snapshot, it’s simple for customer service representatives, distributors and home office staff to retrieve a current policy status or view all transactions accumulated during the life of a specific policy.

Fully integrated with Andesa’s AFAS policy administration engine and the ADASTAR illustration system, Policy Snapshot provides fully accurate data — updated nightly. And because it’s accessible through a standard web browser, Policy Snapshot makes up-to-date policy information available at any computer with internet access.

Want to give your customer service a shot in the arm? Try Policy Snapshot from Andesa. Contact us to learn more.

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