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  • Corporate-Owned Life Insurance Technology Whitepaper

    Corporate-owned life insurance and bank-owned life insurance (COLI/BOLI) product lines are an important niche of the overall US-life insurance industry for 2016. These products, which provide a key funding mechanism for employee benefit programs, including executive compensation plans, tend to be underwritten by a limited number of carriers, leading to a high market share concentration. MORE

  • 8 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Life Insurance SaaS

    Choosing a new system to meet your company’s needs can be a daunting task. The process can almost be overwhelming and can affect all aspects of the business operation. MORE

  • Complex Bank-Owned Life Insurance Cycle Whitepaper

    Learn about the tools that can help brokers and consultants provide the highest level of service to their clients. MORE

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  • If At First You Don’t Succeed

    A Blog post from Ron Scheese, President & CEO

    There is something inspirational in stories of accomplishments achieved MORE

  • Mission Critical

    Blog post by Ron Scheese, President & CEO
    Andesa is about to launch its search process for our MORE

  • Engaged Clients

    Blog post by Ron Scheese, CEO of Andesa

    We made a mistake. As a technology company that prides MORE

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  • August 2016 Newsletter

    Andesa Announces Enhancements: A Help Desk for Web Tool Users. Ever had an issue or question while accessing Andesa’s internet tool suite and thought “who do I contact—Webmaster, Help Desk, Client Services?” We are excited to announce that you will no longer need to make that decision. MORE

  • May 2016: Newsletter

    When asked who my creative heroes are, "Keith Richards" is what I blurted out. My answer was viewed comically rather than with the seriousness in which I had intended. MORE

  • February 2016 Newsletter

    Andesa culture, new hires to the management team, Rip Tilden joins Andesa Board of Directors, Liquid and Andesa form dynamic partnership MORE

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Andesa Services Announces Roy Peterson as Chief Technology Officer


BCTV Features Article on Andesa CEO’s Appointment to Albright Board of Trustees


If At First You Don’t Succeed