Cloud-Based Life Insurance Solutions Whitepapers

Disaster Recovery

Addressing Business Interruptions of Core Life Insurance Systems Every year, IT systems within thousands of businesses are disrupted by floods, fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning strikes, earthquakes, power surges, vandalism, human error or paralyzing malware.  Moreover, life insurance carriers and brokers are not immune from these threats. A company’s ability to fully recover all affected computing ... MORE

Corporate-Owned Life Insurance Technology Whitepaper

Corporate-owned life insurance and bank-owned life insurance (COLI/BOLI) product lines are an important niche of the overall US-life insurance industry for 2016. These products, which provide a key funding mechanism for employee benefit programs, including executive compensation plans, tend to be underwritten by a limited number of carriers, leading to a high market share concentration. MORE

8 Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Life Insurance SaaS

Choosing a new system to meet your company’s needs can be a daunting task. The process can almost be overwhelming and can affect all aspects of the business operation. MORE

Complex Bank-Owned Life Insurance Cycle Whitepaper

Learn about the tools that can help brokers and consultants provide the highest level of service to their clients. MORE

Impact of Low Interest Rates on Insurance Carriers and Brokers

What does this mean to the institutional life insurance industry, brokers and associated administrative service providers? MORE

Using SaaS Models to Support Closed Block Insurance

What should a Life and Annuity company do with a closed block portfolio of complicated, benefit-rich, high-maintenance policies and contracts? The simple answer: optimize. MORE

Policy Administration Solutions in the Cloud

More than 40 years after penning such wonderful words, the illusion of “the cloud” has burst onto the technology scene and dominates headlines and industry discussions. MORE


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