An Outlook for the COLI-BOLI Market in 2018

When asked; “What are your 2018 expectations for Corporate-owned (COLI) and Bank-owned (BOLI) life insurance?” “Not significantly different than 2017,” was my immediate reply. This is to say, there continues to be significant challenges facing the industry.  In fact, the industry has seemed eerily similar in the past several years.  Perhaps I needed to step back, reflect and reframe my response.

  • A Decade of Doldrums:
    • 2018 will mark the tenth anniversary of the financial crisis precipitated by a meltdown in the subprime mortgage market, insolvency threats to investment banks and a loss in confidence in global credit markets.
  • Headwinds:
    • While I expect the 2018 market to continue the pattern we have seen in the 2013-2017 period, there are four factors which appear to be significant headwinds for those who navigate the COLI-BOLI world.  (click below to read more)
  • Conclusion and Recommendations:
    • Our industry will continue to be negatively impacted by low interest rates combined with political, tax and regulatory environments that are in flux. So, what are carriers and producers expected to do to navigate the “New Norm”?

Read a more detailed  look into the COLI – BOLI Market for 2018 by downloading your copy here.



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