Life Insurance Self-Service Portal Solutions

Servicing is in the Hands of the Policyholder

With our Self-Service Portal, routine policy servicing is handled by the policyholder, mitigating the need for your carriers to establish resource-draining call centers.

Our system’s intuitive interface allows end customers to easily and securely access policy information anytime, anywhere, further reducing customer service costs.

Real-Time Access to Financial Information

In today’s environment, customers expect simple and convenient access to their financial information. Our Self-Service Portal allows your carriers and distributors to easily and cost-effectively offer modern self-service tools to policyholders as part of your service offerings. Our solution features:

  • A customizable, intuitive, end-user interface
  • Full integration with our other administrative solutions
  • Streamlined policy processing that increases overall efficiency
  • System access to a web portal, supporting style and branding to reflect your carrier’s banner
  • Comprehensive security and data protection features

Advanced technology and Increased profitability

Learn how Lincoln Financial Group uses the New Business and Enrollment Portal and Policy Self-Service Portal to improve efficiencies.

The Policy Self-Service Portal is a user-friendly, web- based solution, fully integrated with our illustration, transaction entry and policy administration solutions.

Users access the system through a simple pass-through web portal, all under your associated carrier’s banner. The underlying technology is structured using an N-Tiered Scalable Architecture that employs an Oracle database management system, Java, Java 2EE and an internet-based HTML presentation layer.

Our Policy Self-Service Portal works in concert with our New Business and Enrollment Portal to increase efficiency and streamline the enrollment and new business process.

Are you ready to get started with our Policy Self-Service Portal? Contact us today.

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