Life Insurance Self-Service Portal Solutions

Servicing is in the Hands of the Policyholder

With our Self-Service Portal, routine policy servicing is handled by the policyholder, mitigating the need for your carriers to establish resource-draining call centers.

Our system’s intuitive interface allows end customers to easily and securely access policy information anytime, anywhere, further reducing customer service costs.

Real-Time Access to Financial Information

In today’s environment, customers expect simple and convenient access to their financial information. Our Self-Service Portal allows your carriers and distributors to easily and cost-effectively offer modern self-service tools to policyholders as part of your service offerings. Our solution features:

  • A customizable, intuitive, end-user interface
  • Full integration with our other administrative solutions
  • Streamlined policy processing that increases overall efficiency
  • System access to a web portal, supporting style and branding to reflect your carrier’s banner
  • Comprehensive security and data protection features

Advanced technology and Increased profitability

Learn how Lincoln Financial Group uses the New Business and Enrollment Portal and Policy Self-Service Portal to improve efficiencies.

The Policy Self-Service Portal is a user-friendly, web- based solution, fully integrated with our illustration, transaction entry and policy administration solutions.

Users access the system through a simple pass-through web portal, all under your associated carrier’s banner. The underlying technology is structured using an N-Tiered Scalable Architecture that employs an Oracle database management system, Java, Java 2EE and an internet-based HTML presentation layer.

Our Policy Self-Service Portal works in concert with our New Business and Enrollment Portal to increase efficiency and streamline the enrollment and new business process.

Learn more about life insurance self-service portal solutions by contacting us today! 

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