Increase efficiency, streamline processes with new portal tools from Andesa Services

It’s never been more important for life and annuity carriers and brokers to create new efficiencies, streamline processes and shave costs.

Self-service and new business automation have both proven to be valuable business drivers. But it’s long been difficult to implement either strategy for corporate-, individual- and trust-owned COLI/BOLI policies. Self-service and automation tools truly suited to the space have simply never existed. Not anymore.

Andesa Services’ groundbreaking new offerings – the Integrated New Business Portal and the Policy Self-Service Portal – efficiently support pre-sale enrollment activity, new business submission and post-issue policy administration responsibilities.

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The services – available together or individually – make it possible for interested parties to easily manage a policy’s entire life-cycle, from submission of new business information through policy administration and self-serve maintenance. The result is an improved experience for brokers and clients, reduced carrier dependency, increased operational efficiency and maximum profits.

What do the new portal services offer?
  • True self-service and automation for COLI/BOLI policies
  • Mitigated need for call center services
  • Tracking, monitoring and approval of enrollment and underwriting without manual data compilation
  • Efficient, user-friendly online enrollment and maintenance components
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Andesa’s industry-leading suite of policy administration, plan administration, illustration and reporting tools
  • Support for policy forms and enrollment situations (corporate, trust, individual-owned, etc.)
  • Automated high-volume new business submissions, assuring In Good Order processing and eliminating manual form completion
  • Simple collection of application data for individual-owned policies with an underwriting class of Guaranteed, Simplified or Medical Issue
  • Satisfaction of corporate/trust-owned consent (101j) requirements and non-GI scenarios
Advanced technology, increased profitability

Click here to learn why Lincoln Financial Group uses the Integrated New Business Portal and Policy Self-Service Portal.

The Integrated New Business Portal and Policy Self-Service Portal are user-friendly, web-based services, fully integrated with Andesa’s illustration, transaction entry and policy administration systems. Users access the systems through simple pass-through web portals, all under the associated carrier’s banner. The underlying technology is structured using an N-Tiered Scalable Architecture that employs an Oracle database management system, Java, Java 2EE and an internet-based HTML presentation layer.

100% accurate data. Reduced cycle times. Efficient management.

The Integrated New Business Portal’s In Good Order Upload feature allows distributors to advance their paper-based application submissions, reduce processing time and submit a 100 percent In Good Order electronic data feed. This presents carriers with a tremendous advantage, giving them an immediate jump-start on MIB and Labs requirements, direct loading of forms into imaging systems and an acceleration of the entire underwriting process.

Integrated New Business Portal & Policy Self-Service PortalIncreased efficiency. Increased profits. Contact us to learn more.

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