Transaction Management

Andesa’s Internet Transaction Manager solution (ITM) enables secure, online entry of case, division and policy information — allowing our clients to manage the entire policy life cycle from any computer with web access.

ITM is the web-based connection to AFAS, Andesa’s modern, hosted, integrated policy administration engine. With ITM, you can enter, manage and review transaction and case data anywhere — while still enjoying Andesa’s best-in-breed security and audit trails.

Because it’s based on English, rather than arcane code, ITM is easy for new users to adopt. And it dramatically reduces redundant, dual data entry by automatically applying case-level changes to individual policies.

Internet Transaction Manager features:

  • Access to policy data entry tools from any standard web browser
  • Support for custom business rules
  • Automatic adoption of changes made at the case level
  • Transactions based in English, rather than “green screen” code
  • A simple learning curve
  • New business models with product overrides
  • Premium allocation and transfer functionality

Internet Transaction ManagerMaking policy data management easy — from any computer with internet access. Contact us to learn more.

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