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If At First You Don’t Succeed

Posted February 28th, 2017

A Blog post from Ron Scheese, President & CEO There is something inspirational in stories of accomplishments achieved through the power of perseverance.  I am frequently inspired through times of trial and tribulations from such inspirational quotes and stories. Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. -Henry Ford Automobile giant ... MORE

Mission Critical

Posted February 15th, 2017

Blog post by Ron Scheese, President & CEO Andesa is about to launch its search process for our Andesa Fellowship program.  The Fellowship allows for an employee to take up to three months of paid leave to make a meaningful impact within a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Andesa’s Distribution Services Manager, Larry Resnick, was the innaugural Andesa ... MORE

Engaged Clients

Posted January 31st, 2017

Blog post by Ron Scheese, CEO of Andesa We made a mistake. As a technology company that prides itself on quality, it shouldn’t happen; but it did. We moved code into production which should not have been available to certain clients due to the nature of the business they process on the Andesa system; but ... MORE

Living A Clemson World

Posted January 10th, 2017

Congratulations to Dabo Swinney and the 2017 NCAA College Football Champion Clemson Tigers!! John Walker, our chairman, founder and Clemson alum, shared an article from Clemson World magazine with the Andesa Services team during last season. “It’s How You Win That Matters” by Nancy Spitler describes the culture and environment Coach Swinney established during his successful ... MORE

The Benefits of Working with Fraternal Insurance Companies

Posted December 21st, 2016

I recently participated in a “So You Think You Can Network” career development event at my alma mater, Albright College.  I was astounded by the number of altruistic students with whom I “speed-networked,” indicating a preference for employment in the not-for-profit segment of the economy upon graduation.  Prior to joining Andesa in 2006, I spent ... MORE

The Cycle of Insurance Systems, Services, Staff and Clients

Posted December 5th, 2016

Yes, I did appear as Willie Nelson; and yes, I did re-write the words to “Crazy” to reflect the current environment for the life insurance industry.  But behind all the glitz and glitter of the Andesa Services Client Forum held this past September in Nashville, I also shared a heartfelt message with our clients. I ... MORE

Andesa Services 2016 Accomplishments

Posted November 15th, 2016

A blog written by Andesa’s CEO Ron Scheese. A special greeting to express my sincere appreciation for your confidence in and loyalty to Andesa. Best Wishes for a Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving Day! With nearly half of the Pilgrims succumbing to the hardship of the New World, tradition holds that the first Thanksgiving was neither ... MORE

The Value of Alternate Perspectives

Posted November 3rd, 2016

“I just had a Daphne moment!” I thought to myself. At this point, most readers are thinking: “What is a ‘Daphne moment’?” By my definition, a Daphne moment is when one considers the other individual’s perspective and assumes the best, before one considers their own perspective and assumes the worst. Let me provide the backstory. ... MORE

Overcoming Adversity in the Workplace

Posted October 20th, 2016

I overheard an interchange between coworkers, one that I imagine occurs on most days as we travel between meetings. These two colleagues are great individuals, both of whom I would want on any of our projects.  Both are high achievers and assume responsibility for great service and results. I could count on either to run ... MORE

Mutualism in an Effective Organization

Posted October 5th, 2016

“In China, when you are one in a million, there are 1,300 people just like you” is a quote attributed to technology visionary Bill Gates. Using the World Population Clock and extrapolating that to the current world environment, there are 7.400 people just like you.  Yet in our search for meaning and individuality, we seek ... MORE


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If At First You Don’t Succeed