Andesa’s Third-Party Administration (TPA) services cover all components of policy lifecycles, including billing and collections, death claim support services, client output processing, and transaction processing. We take the same high-touch, concierge approach to client relationships for our TPA offerings as we do for our Policy and Plan Administration services, allowing you to customize a solution to your unique needs and implementation preferences.

Customization Capabilities

We assign a dedicated group of client relationship experts to your account who act as an extension of your team and rely on detailed dialogue and analysis to customize your unique set of TPA services and pricing. Andesa provides the flexibility to select from a range of TPA solutions fulfilled by US-based resources.

  • Audit fulfillment
  • Billing and collections
  • Client output processing
  • Collection processing
  • Correspondence processing
  • Death claim support services
  • Dedicated phone services
  • Document management
  • Disbursement processing
  • Financial transaction processing
  • Policy and participant portal management
  • Policy enrollment support
  • Policy transaction processing
  • Producer maintenance
  • Workflow process automation

Expertise Leveraged

Andesa provides TPA services through a concierge approach, leveraging nearly forty years of experience to help clients effectively process life insurance and annuity payments, tailoring services to fit your needs. We provide TPA services to every one of our clients, supporting their teams to realize long-term goals through to the finish line.

  • 9 of the top 17 life insurance and annuity carriers represented
  • 90% net promoter score for client satisfaction
  • 15-year average client relationship
  • Full-service provider for 52 jurisdictions
  • 100% Employee-Owned & US Based
  • Private cloud & Tier 3 Data Centers
  • SOC1®, SOC2® & SOC3® Compliant

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