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Andesa Services is the leading provider of integrated, cloud-based solutions for life insurance and annuity carriers and providers. Learn more about our offerings in the videos below.

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Cloud Insurance Software Solutions

Andesa Services offers over 30 years of experience through a suite of insurance software hosted in a secure, private and redundant cloud. Access, store, audit and report on customer data from any location to save time and resources for carriers and producers.

Market pressures, growing competition and changing consumer behavior can increase risk for life insurance and annuity carriers. Andesa offers integrated solutions for Policy Administration and Plan Administration through SaaS technologies, Illustrations for brokers and carriers, new business processing to increase efficiencies in enrollment, and for policyholder self-service through an online portal.

Learn more about how Andesa Services can help you to reduce risk and increase efficiencies.

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Policyholder Self-Service & Integrated New Business Portals

Andesa Services introduces two new service offerings for life and annuity carriers and brokers to help streamline resources and cut costs. The Integrated New Business Portal and the Policy Self-Service Portal are designed to improve processes and advance customer service.

The Integrated New Business Portal is a web-based service that improves data accuracy in life insurance enrollment and new business processing. Regardless of the complexity of applications, electronic new business data can be received as complete, resulting in a decrease in costs and manual processes that are usually paired with traditional forms.

The Policy Self-Service Portal offers routine policy servicing and management by the policyholder, allowing for simple and convenient access to their financial information. The system’s intuitive interface allows end customers to securely access policy information, eliminating the need for establishing call centers.

These two systems are built to work together to increase efficiency and streamline the enrollment and new business process.

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