A Reflection on Gratitude – Thanksgiving 2022

Written by: Ron Scheese

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind. The busier we are, the easier it becomes to put the attitude of gratitude on the back burner. But the Thanksgiving holiday reminds us to appreciate our everyday blessings a little more. And this year, I’m making it a point to stop and think about everything I’m grateful for.

When I pause and reflect, I’m overwhelmed by the things that make me grateful. Everyone learns gratitude in their own way. I grew up in a Coal Region town in eastern Pennsylvania. We didn’t have much then, but we learned to appreciate what we did have: each other. And Thanksgiving was an opportunity to bring the family together to share a sense of gratitude for what was positive in our lives. Years later, I learned from my wife the art of the “Thank You” card as an expression of gratitude. Her mom taught her to send a “Thank You” the next day whenever she received a gift or if someone did something nice for her. These two experiences shaped my idea of gratitude and thankfulness, particularly around the holiday season. So, this is my Thanksgiving “Thank You” card to all who make what we do at Andesa worth it: our clients, colleagues, friends, and family.

I’m grateful for our clients, from whom I have learned so much. That you trust us to be part of your journey is humbling. It’s more than business; it’s personal. Our relationship drives us to seek new ways to improve and support your goals constantly. I count my blessings that we get to do it!

I’m grateful to be surrounded by a team of dedicated individuals working to serve our clients and strengthen our company. While we celebrate November as a season of kindness and generosity, I work with employee-owners who turn that gratitude into action every day. Without their talent, ethical standards, and dedication, Andesa would not continue to be the growing company we are today. I must admit that I do not always express my appreciation for the incredible passion and commitment of my Andesa teammates as we try to live our Andesa Forever vision. I respect each Andesa employee-owner and am truly blessed to love my work.

I am grateful to be blessed with an insightful Board of Directors. Our board truly has the long-term best interests of Andesa at the center of their deliberations, making us a better business.

I am grateful to be part of CEO networks with the Tugboat Group and the National Center for Employee-Ownership. I cherish the relationships I have developed over the years. These interactions improve my understanding of servant leadership. They challenge me to be a better person and share what I learn with those in my circle of influence.

I am grateful to truly value working for a firm where giving and service extend beyond our clients and colleagues and into the communities in which we live and work. In his book “Value from Values” on the founding of Andesa, John Walker wrote, “unless operated with a soul, a firm will fail to live up to its critical role of reinforcing good citizenship in its employees.” The spirit of giving and philanthropy is at the core of Andesa’s employee-owners. I am grateful we can make a small dent in the universe beyond the walls of our offices.

Finally, I am grateful for my family and friends. The laughs, smiles, support, and love we share motivate me and add balance to my life. I’m honored to experience this wonderful life, its joys, and its challenges with those closest to me.

In this season of appreciation, togetherness, and sharing, I hope my simple reflection inspires your heart to mull over what you’re thankful for this year.

To all our clients, partners, and employee-owners, I hope you can enjoy time with family and friends over the holiday. From all of us at Andesa to all of you… Happy Thanksgiving!

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