Celebrating a 40-Year Journey

Written by: Ron Scheese

Celebrating a 40-Year Journey

Andesa is proudly celebrating a significant milestone in 2023 – 40 years of dedicated and continuous service! Celebrating our remarkable 40-year journey as a leading provider of policy lifecycle solutions for the life insurance and annuities industry calls for reflection, appreciation, and anticipation. From humble beginnings as a third-party provider in the corporate-owned life insurance industry, Andesa has evolved into a trusted partner recognized for our advanced software solutions. And after 40 years, we know a thing or two about the industry. However, what truly sets Andesa apart is our people-centric, values-based perspective and unwavering commitment to employee empowerment and client success.

History & Growth

Andesa was founded in 1983 by John Walker to develop pioneering group administration products. Over the past four decades, the Andesa team has passionately transformed the company into what it is today and built one of the sturdiest reputations in the industry. While clients undoubtedly recognize the capabilities of our advanced software and services, the true essence of the company lies in the dedicated individuals behind the scenes who build relationships with our clients, monitor the pulse of the industry, and embrace the latest and greatest tools at our disposal.

Andesa’s ability to adapt and embrace new technologies has been instrumental in our growth and longevity. From the early days of pushing the envelope and exploring what was possible to the present day, leveraging the latest advancements, Andesa has consistently stayed ahead of the curve. Today, as a true partner in long-term success, we help clients manage all aspects of the policy lifecycle, including new business, application fulfillment, enrollment processing, administration, servicing, and termination.

Dedicated to Our Clients

Aside from our adaptability, one of the keys to our 40 years of success is our dedication to building solid and lasting relationships with clients. We recognize that nothing sparks innovation and creativity like engaging with clients to solve their unique challenges. By listening to and collaborating with clients, Andesa has co-created innovative solutions that address their evolving needs. This collaborative approach has driven the company’s growth and progress over the past four decades.

Dedicated to Our Employees

Andesa also places great emphasis on creating a fulfilling and effective workplace. One of the significant milestones in our journey was the transition to an Employee-Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2020, making the company 100 percent employee-owned. This strategic move allowed Andesa to maintain our flexible operating model and longer-term investment horizons, ensuring that client partnerships remain at the core of our business. By remaining a private and employee-owned company, Andesa can focus on building lasting relationships and aligning our goals with those of our clients.

Andesa takes immense pride in our team of dedicated employee-owners who drive our success and focus on nurturing our employees’ potential. With over 40 team members having served for over a decade, we’ve fostered a culture of longevity, loyalty, and unsurpassed expertise.

The Future

As we celebrate this remarkable milestone, Andesa remains focused on creating cutting-edge solutions that drive long-term success for our clients. With a dedicated and talented workforce, Andesa is poised to embrace future challenges and continue shaping the insurance industry.

Ron Scheese, President and CEO of Andesa, expressed his pride in the company’s accomplishments over the past 40 years. However, he emphasizes the importance of looking forward and recognizing that tomorrow’s challenges require innovative solutions. Scheese attributes Andesa’s success to our steadfast commitment to core values, which include Respect, Integrity, Courage, Honesty, Initiative, and Responsibility. These values have guided the company through decades of growth, change, and progress and remain as relevant today as 40 years ago.

As Andesa celebrates our 40th anniversary, we sincerely thank our clients for their trust, confidence, and partnership. The company recognizes that our success is intrinsically linked to your success, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

If you want to be part of the next 40 years at Andesa, schedule a discovery call with our team and discover the full benefits of trusting a partner with four decades of industry know-how.

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