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Written by: Alyssa Swiezak

As a college student studying Psychology and Business, I was searching for an internship which could link my interests of Human Resources and Marketing. I recalled great aspects about Andesa since my father proudly works for this company. When I was informed that Andesa could blend my two fields of interest into a single internship, I immediately applied – and today I am more than grateful that I did.

Any new experience comes with the human nature to feel nervous. Our brains are naturally wired to fear change because it creates uncertainty. I was unsure of what to expect as I walked into my first professional internship. This was my opportunity to apply my undergraduate knowledge in the workforce. As I had never done this before, I certainly felt a bit intimidated. After taking my first steps into Andesa, all my nerves disappeared.

The Experience

Andesa has gone above and beyond to offer me the most well-rounded and unique internship experience. I worked closely with my leader in Human Resources, Kimberly Matlack, and my leader in Marketing, Kerianne Geist. These two women motivated me every day to help me reach my fullest potential. I look up to them as role models both inside and outside of the office. These ladies embody great knowledge, positivity, and skills that make them powerful leaders.

During my experience there were three main goals I wanted to accomplish:

  • apply my knowledge from the classroom
  • build networking skills, and,
  • give back to Andesa.

A little over two months later, I can proudly say Andesa has allowed me to achieve all three of these objectives.

Applying Classroom Knowledge
Developing knowledge about your desired career path is one thing but being able to apply what you learned is even better. Andesa gave me an array “ah – hah” moments where all the puzzle pieces from school connected with my unique internship experience. For instance, I commonly studied the definition for “Digital Marketing” but could not sense what all it entailed. This summer I was able to dive into Digital Marketing and grow my skills. I worked with Social Media platforms, Email tools, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Graphic Creations, and so on.

Likewise, I saw the term “Onboarding” appear in my Human Resources studies. I did not realize how much goes into the onboarding process until I was able to witness it firsthand. Andesa provided me opportunities to work to improve the process including preboarding activities where I helped create a survey and new-hire guide. I also attended and assisted in orientation meetings, culture and value foundation building processes, follow-ups, and more.

I experienced amazing networking opportunities both inside and outside of the office. Most interns do not have the opportunity to meet individuals beyond of their direct team. I was able to network with employee-owners in my department and across many different teams.

How many interns can say they could easily sit down and talk one-on-one with their company’s CEO? Andesa’s President & CEO, Ron Scheese, is an incredibly talented and knowledgeable individual that has personally taught me so much over the summer.  I also learned from a multitude of employee-owners from all position levels and departments. Fellow colleagues of mine were very surprised to hear this was easily accessible for me.

Since the pandemic, networking has been even more challenging in a virtual world. Many of my fellow colleagues were only able to meet their team members through a computer screen. Through a blended work environment at Andesa, I was able to gain access to greater networking opportunities than most interns. Andesa is unique from other companies as you are not just a number here, you relate to the entire company.

An impactful external networking event that stands out was the Lehigh Valley Women’s Summit I attended with Kerianne. During this event, I was empowered by like-minded businesswomen and built some wonderful connections. I ran into a former colleague that I had not seen in four years and was glad that we rebuilt our connection. I am so thankful that I was able to grow my network as an intern.

Giving Back
My final goal aimed to achieve growth, not just for myself but for the company. I wanted to offer Andesa many contributions in exchange for what I was given. I demonstrated these efforts easily as I found myself enjoying my work and all the new exciting opportunities. Reflecting into one of the company values, I commonly took part in initiative for Andesa. I quickly felt comfortable at this company, I began assessing projects on my own. In other words, I enjoyed getting ahead and helping my team tackle projects immediately. In return, my efforts were not only greatly appreciated but recognized. At Andesa, your hard work goes a long way.


As my summer internship experience at Andesa comes to an end, much has been accomplished. I can proudly say that I first began growing since day one.
I recognized personal growth within myself. Prior to this internship I was known as a shy student in the classroom. Andesa made me a part of their team right away. I still remember when I first presented my insights during our administration meeting regarding Professional Development. Everyone in that room made me feel noticed and appreciated – which felt amazing.

I learned something new every day. If a colleague were to ask me for a recommended place of work, I would instantly mention Andesa. Working here made me feel motivated, productive, and happy. Enjoying your work is a critical aspect when finding a career. Before settling somewhere, I believe it’s important to reflect on how your work makes you feel. As Steve Jobs quoted,

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

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