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Written by: Ron Scheese

Congratulations to Dabo Swinney and
the 2017 NCAA College Football Champion Clemson Tigers!!

John Walker, our chairman, founder and Clemson alum, shared an article from Clemson World magazine with the Andesa Services team during last season. “It’s How You Win That Matters” by Nancy Spitler describes the culture and environment Coach Swinney established during his successful tenure at Clemson.

We asked the Andesa staff to read the article; then share thoughts as to how their Andesa experience parallels that of a champion.  What we heard was inspiring.  Allow me to draw some parallels between winning on the field and winning in life as shared through the words of my Andesa teammates.

Relationship-Driven, Not Results Driven

The one quote from the article that stuck out for me was the quote that Swinney’s references from George Washington Carver:  “Do the common things in an uncommon way and you command the attention of the world.”  For me that really reflects on how Andesa is as a company, and how I feel as an employee here.   We could be like any TPA and basically treat our clients as just that..clients who pay us for work we provide.  However, we go above and beyond at Andesa.  We do those common things in an uncommon way.  We make sure our client’s needs are beyond satisfied.  We are always looking for their best interest and advising them on what we think is the best route to take when a situation occurs.  – Mike Maciag, Senior Client Support Specialist

As employees, we are given so many opportunities to learn and improve upon our skills.  It is not enough to do our jobs well, but we must also do those jobs with respect for our teammates, clients and in the community we live and work. This is what is expected when you are part of the “team.”  The values emphasized in the “Clemson family” seem synonymous with that of the “Andesa family.”  Both teams work with passion towards their goals.  It’s not so much about the outcome as the journey to get there, and keeping your moral and ethical compass pointed due north.  – Jessica Gauthier, Office Administrator

I like how Swinney stated the right way to run a football program involves being “relationship-driven.”  This is very true for Andesa as well.  Every day at Andesa we make sure not only are the clients satisfied, but our employees too.  We also care about the clients and each other much the same way Dabo cares about his players as a family.  I always say Andesa is my family away from home. – Ryan Pendrak, Senior Client Processing Specialist

I’ve thrived through acting on one of Dabo’s most important concepts: relationships are what drive us, not results.  I’ve been fortunate to be a part of some of the most rewarding project experiences here at Andesa – each project forged or further cemented our relationship as partners – Darren Weaver, Senior Business Analyst

Coach uses the term relationship-driven; he is building a solid relationship with his players, like Andesa employees build with the clients or with each other.  Building that foundation or relationship with each other makes us want to work harder; whether our motivation is working harder for each other, our team or our employer.  It’s ownership of the relationship.  It isn’t a job done because it is only expected, it’s a job done because we believe in each other and th
e process.  – Tammy Staudt, Marketing Coordinator

One of the first things that I found I loved after being hired at Andesa was the family that came along with the job. The people I work with are not just my co-workers; they are my allies, my friends, and my teachers.  Every single day in the 2 ½ years that I have been here I have learned something and have been able to grow just a little bit more.  – Emily Zimmerman, Client Processing Specialist

The Clemson Fit

I took away from the article how important it is to look at the intangibles of the potential team member in addition to the industry-standard measurable.  This is true on a team whether in sports or business.  A person’s character, work ethic, and values are just as important as their size, athleticism, book smarts, etc.   – Chris Mattern, Senior Business Analyst

I think because Andesa seems to recruit with soft skills in mind, we have been able to grow into a community as well as part of the community.  Empathy, listening, focus, team-building, being part of a team, mutual respect, self-control, and congeniality are all soft skills I have noticed throughout Andesa.  It is through these skills that a business can set itself apart.  Much like footballing harder only makes more skilled football players, hiring only for skill makes for a more technically-skilled company.  Whereas, hiring for culture and promoting that culture results in a company with highly engaged employees.  – John Feeney, BPO Specialist

Swinney knows what kind of players/people he wants.  Combining measurables with intangibles, “He might be a great player, but he may not fit here.”  In my recent interview process, I’d say Andesa follows this philosophy, fully vetting professional skills while also flushing out personal attributes. It’s a good practice. – Matt Scheffel, Senior Developer

Coaching Gave Me Clarity

I loved that Swinney took more interest in his players than he did the actual game.  It goes to show that a person’s well-being is more important than the win. The same goes for Andesa!  I do not know many companies that take a big interest in their employees.  – Ashley Pendrak, Audit/Compliance Specialist

Reading the article reinforces that success comes, not from a numerical value, but from an intangible investment into an individual.  When I’m asked, “What do you find most rewarding about your position?” I reply with “to see, facilitate, and nurture the growth of my team members in personal, professional, and operational knowledge.”  – Kevin Benfield, Business Operations Supervisor

Watching the Light Come On

“If you don’t win the right way, you lose.” That is the heart of Andesa’s philosophy.  We may spend more time and resources on daily tasks and projects, but we take pride in doing it right the first time.  – Joshua Schall, Client Support Specialist

Even the title of the article implies that “the ends never justify the means” (though that exact wording was never used).  I have great respect for a man who can say, “I would rather lose trying to do it right… than I would win knowing we did it the wrong way;” and “I care more about how we do it.  How we play.  How we win.”  – Mark Floyd, Lead Systems Engineer

At Andesa, we learn from each other.  It is an understanding that we have on either succeeding or failing at a task or a goal.  It is how we handle it and learn from it that we carry with us. We live by our core values because that is our definition of who we are and what we represent. We may not always win or meet our deadlines, but we do right by our clients because that is the right thing to do.  That is the commitment we uphold.  Like Clemson, it is the commitment to consistency and repetition and doing the little things in a memorable and great way that we remember and cherish.  This is what makes us better employees and what makes Clemson players who they are.  – Sonyta Sou, Client Processing Specialist

Winning Off The Field

Also like Dabo, Andesa is building a “foundation.”  We show support for our community, we are not just a business to earn revenue.  We try to make a positive impact in our community. – Javid Jelkh –Client Processing Specialist

The article discusses the philosophy in which Dabo Swinney runs his football team, through stressing performance on and off the field.  This well-rounded approach to success is similar to what I’ve seen at Andesa.  Andesa gets involved in many “off-the-field” activities such as charities that benefit the greater good.  – David Forrest, Client Support Specialist

Way to go Clemson and way to go Andesa!!

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