The Secure, Private Cloud & the Life Insurance Industry

Written by: Ron Scheese

A key reason why life insurance carriers and distributors large and small choose Andesa Services is our secure, private cloud environment.

But what does that really mean? Is “the cloud” something real – or is it just tech-speak jargon? And what could hosting a policy administration, plan administration or illustration solution in the cloud do for your business? At its most basic level, the Andesa Services “cloud” is backboned by two sets of high-end servers – one in a datacenter in Pennsylvania, the other in a data center in Arizona. The Pennsylvania data center is the “primary” location, while information and applications are synced every 15 minutes with the secondary Arizona data center. The facilities are SSAE 16 SOC 1 audited, and feature:

  • UPS systems with backup generators, temperature and humidity control systems, and fire detection and suppression systems
  • Biometric access control systems
  • Personnel trained to avoid (and respond to) worst-case scenarios

These measures are all extremely important in ensuring that sensitive data is kept completely secure, and that there is little (if any) chance that even a catastrophic event could cause significant access outages. For our clients, uptime (99.9 percent) is essentially the same as for applications running on an in-house server – and internal IT staff is not taxed if a blip occurs.

24/7/365 Access

Beyond uptime and data security, the true power of Andesa Services’ secure, private cloud lies in its “anywhere, anytime” accessibility. If you have a computer and an internet connection, authorized users can access (and use) our policy administration, plan administration and illustration systems at the office, at home, at the airport – or wherever work might take them. This is a significant improvement upon internal systems, for which remote access is a custom-built feature – often at significant expense.

Reduced Expenses

Because of our secure, private cloud environment, Andesa’s solutions are friendly from both bottom line and cash flow standpoints. Utilizing our framework allows carriers to minimize (or eliminate) spending on equipment and infrastructure maintenance, and subscription models allow for predictable expenditures.

In addition, offloading non-value-add activities allows IT staff to focus on core competencies, turning overhead into revenue opportunities.

Who Uses Andesa’s Cloud?

Our cloud-based life insurance solutions are ideal for nearly all carriers, from large, enterprise-class users to small insurers, such as fraternals and regional carriers.

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