Summer 2021 Reading List From Our CEO

Written by: Ron Scheese

One of my most-read blog posts each year is my Summer reading list.  For those who follow the “Leaders are Readers” mantra, I offer what’s piling up on my nightstand or my Kindle library for your consideration.

I usually save up some books for those lazy beach weekends between May and September. So, grab a chair, your favorite beverage, perhaps a beach towel and join me in diving into one of these books.


UNBIAS:  Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work

by Stacey Gordon

I heard Stacey Gordon, CEO of Rework Work, on an Albright College Alumni Webinar series on the topic of unconscious bias. I was so inspired I pre-ordered her book from Amazon during the Q&A session. This timely book aligns with much of the diversity, equity and inclusion conversations in our Promoting a Positive Andesa team as we work to sustain a healthy culture.  It will likely be our fall Book Club offering as well.  Looking forward to some inciteful insights that will contribute to my personal growth.


Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know

by Malcolm Gladwell

I have enjoyed Malcolm Gladwell’s previous books as his startling revelations offer new perspectives and challenge some of my core thinking.  Even though this one has been out for a while, it was recently  recommended to me by a leadership consultant in terms of communications insights.  It has resided, unread, on my Kindle far too long, but not this Summer.


Disney’s Land: Walt Disney and the Invention of the Amusement Park That Changed the World 

by Richard Snow

I admire Disney’s culture and durable business model. When I received Richard Snow’s book as a gift from The Tugboat Institute, I instinctively knew I would find additional alignment with my strategic thinking and am eager to jump in.  Looking forward to a deeper understanding of purpose and innovation promised by this examination of Walt’s vision.


13 Guidelines for Effective Teams

by Kaley Warner Klemp

Teamwork makes the dream work, or so they say.  So much of what we do is social and collaborative.  Andesa has prioritized culture efforts on high-performing teams so I want to keep digging deeper into multiple perspectives.  Kaley spoke at a Tugboat Institute Summit and I found her perspectives to be insightful and her energy to be contagious.  Her teaching on effective teams should be enlightening.


Endurance:  Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage

by Alfred Lansing

A biography usually makes my summer reading list and this year I’ve chosen a story of remarkable perseverance for inspiration.  Endurance tells of the harrowing and miraculous voyage of British explorer Ernest Shackleton’s attempt to reach the South Pole in 1914.  We can learn a lot about leading through difficulties when we examine the lives of those who overcame tremendous hardships.


The Citizen’s Share:  Reducing Inequality in the 21st Century

by Joseph R. Blasi, Richard B. Freedman & Douglas L Kruse

Based on a ten-year study of profit sharing and employee-ownership, The Citizen’s Share offers compelling evidence-based data of the power of employee-ownership in addressing inequality.  As a leader in a 100% employee-owned company, I am inspired by the opportunity an employee-ownership model creates to influence the world in which we live and work for the better.


Keep Chopping Wood: an ordinary approach to achieving extraordinary success

by Kevin Deshazo

Inspired by the author’s leadership presence on social media, I wanted to pick up his book.  While everyone is looking for a shortcut to success, those who succeed understand hard work, small, simple actions, discipline, belief and commitment are the ingredients to the successful life.  Keep Chopping Wood is a short story meant to inspire leaders on the journey.


Worth Doing Wrong: The Quest to Build a Culture That Rocks

by Arnie Malham

I love books about the creation of successful cultures. Author Arnie Malham shares his stories and philosophies learned during his journey as founder and president of cj Advertising,  We  learn from our failures more than our successes so the title seems to indicate the author will share his challenges and failures of leading culture efforts.  This book promises to be an interesting read.


This Is My Story: This Is My Song

by Leonard Buxton

Love my biographies and this one was penned by a fellow Albright College alum.  This biography follows the life journey of a Methodist pastor as he experiences American society & history through the depression of the 30’s, to the war years of the 40’s, to the civil rights movements of the 60’s. I read Book One in 2020 and eagerly anticipate the release of Book Two to finish the series.  Fingers crossed it will be out this summer.


Humanocracy: Creating Organizations as Amazing as the People Inside Them

by Gary Hamel & Michele Zanini 

With a promise to equip and empower everyone in your organization to be their best and to do their best, “Humanocracy” seems right up my alley. Based on years of research and citing practical examples of inspirational companies, the authors lay out a blueprint for creating environments which value the humanity within our corporate structures and thrive in so doing. Excited to dig deeper into the research and concepts contained herein.


more than a company: leading in a Values-Based ecosystem

by Ron Scheese

What sort of “author-prenuer” would I be if I didn’t include my own book, scheduled for release on June 1, on my current year reading list.  Naturally it will make the Andesa’s Spring Book Club list so I will have to read it just to keep up with my colleagues. Yes, I will read it again. It will be nice to simply read it for pleasure instead of fretting over wording, sentence construct, punctuation, etc. I hope you will consider ordering a copy  and letting me know your thoughts.


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