Andesa Employee-Owners Featured on The Owner-to-Owner Podcast

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Andesa Employee-Owners Featured on The Owner-to-Owner Podcast

For many people, the most they’ll get from their employer is a paycheck, health benefits, and a retirement package. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that. But some businesses have opted to up the ante and allow employees to hold a stake in the company by including an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) in their benefits package. An ESOP gives employees ownership interest in the company they work for via stock shares. This creates a more rewarding work environment where employees feel more involved with the business’s success, and hard work and commitment lead to direct financial gains.

Andesa transitioned to an employee-owned ESOP business (becoming 100% employee-owned in 2020) to support their purpose of helping their employee-owners reach their full potential and further their Andesa Forever Vision. A few of our employee-owners were recently featured on The Owner-to-Owner Podcast, hosted by Jesse Tyler, to discuss what employee ownership means and why it works.

The Owner-to-Owner Podcast focuses on the individual ownership perspective, featuring discussions covering everything from culture to business ownership experiences. The first podcast episode of 2023 included three Andesa employee owners: Project Manager Sarah Engelbrecht, Business Analyst Becky Olds, and Systems Development Manager Greg Lansberry. In the episode, these three employee-owners talk about how they define employee ownership, which ownership moments stood out to them, and why people seeking work should choose Andesa. “I can’t fire my boss; it’s not like that,” Sarah says, describing how she explains employee ownership to the unfamiliar, “but […] all employees have an opportunity to own a piece of the company”.

This insightful podcast episode covers everything that makes an ESOP company great for employees, from the lack of micromanagement to the rewards of ownership to the shared responsibility, reliability, and commitment of the Andesa team. These three employee owners perfectly describe what sets Andesa apart and why ESOP is a great benefit.

If you’re interested in learning more about employee ownership, check out the full episode of the podcast and get in touch with Andesa to discuss how being 100% employee-owned benefits our clients.

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