Andesa Services President and CEO Ron Scheese turns Author with the release of his first book

Written by: Tammy Staudt

Ron Scheese, President and CEO of Andesa Services is now the author of More Than a Company, Leading in a Values Based Ecosystem. The Author, who is a native of the Pennsylvania coal region, CPA with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Albright College, where he now serves as Chair of the College’s Board of Trustees, has turned Authorpreneur. Scheese writes about what he believes wholeheartedly: the concept of a company’s values having a direct impact on its’ success.

Scheese’ s life and business journey led him to understand the importance of a purpose-driven and people-first culture in building and operating a successful business. As a leader and mentor at Andesa Services since 2006 Scheese knows firsthand how an energized ecosystem is the core of an organization.

“Fundamentally, it is the responsibility of leadership to create an environment where employees want to come and feel they belong. They want to contribute, and they want to make a difference.” said Ron Scheese. Furthermore, “It is leadership’s job to create the environment and invite others in for their personal growth and inspire them to stretch towards their full potential.” added Scheese.

Ron builds strong relationships throughout the life insurance industry and incorporates those voices in the book to support the importance of values, culture and relationships that are Andesa’s ecosystem. Rebuilding your business’s ecosystem around shared values, like the ones explored in this book, can create a working environment that will inspire your employees to reach their full potential.

Ron’s book is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel You can visit Ron’s author page on Amazon, or view the beginning of Ron’s book career, through his blog at

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