Our Illustrations software enables life insurance brokers and carriers to access uniquely accurate pre-sale and inforce valuations for a wide variety of both group and individually owned policies. The system runs in our secure, private cloud environment, allowing authorized users to access it via web browser—anytime, anywhere.

While it’s available as a standalone solution, our Illustrations software offers maximum value when integrated with the Policy Administration and Plan Administration solutions.

Benefits of Andesa’s Integrated Solution

The Illustrations software supports variable products, whole life, universal life, term life, corporate-owned life, bank-owned life, and more. Our highly scalable distribution model facilitates implementation with no internal hardware and minimal IT support, significantly reducing the total cost of ownership. Users of illustrations experience several benefits.

  • Simple sharing and simultaneous viewing of policy and case illustration information
  • Easy-to-administer security modes and access
  • Exceptional flexibility in benefit plan and finance vehicle design

Integration Capabilities

The Illustrations software leverages nearly forty years of industry expertise and Andesa’s ever-evolving, modern technology ecosystem. While it’s available as a standalone solution, many brokers and carriers choose to take advantage of its integration with our Policy Administration calculation engine, drawing data from a single, secure source and ensuring illustrated values are equal to Policy Administration values. When deployed alongside Andesa’s Policy Administration system, the Illustrations software offers unparalleled accuracy across all reports and inforce projections and eliminates the need for complicated ad hoc integrations and manual data procurement.

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