Policy Owner Self-Service Portal

With Andesa’s Policy Owner Self-Service portal, the policyholder handles routine policy servicing, mitigating the need for carriers to establish call centers. The system’s intuitive interface allows end customers to quickly and securely access policy information as needed and maintain the life insurance portion of their financial portfolio in a secure, private, and redundant cloud environment. Not only does this allow carriers and distributors to reduce customer service costs but also significantly improve customer satisfaction. The portal is fully integrated with our Policy Administration, software.

Comprehensive Features

The portal interface is customizable and can be configured to match carrier branding, improving trust and user adoption rates. System access is streamlined through a simple pass-through web portal with secure logins and all interactions encrypted, so only authorized users can access private data.

User Experience

Andesa’s Policy Owner Self-Service portal offers policyholders 24/7 access to policy values through an intuitive, mobile-friendly interface. Use a simple pass-through system to support streamlined policy processing that increases overall business efficiency. Life insurers and distributors can easily customize the portal’s branding and style to suit end users and ensure their clients’ data is safe with comprehensive security and data protection.

Integration Capabilities

Unlike similar solutions, the Policy Owner Self-Service portal is fully integrated with Andesa’s solutions, increasing efficiency and streamlining policy processing. Users get access to accurate, up-to-date information.

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