Cloud-Based Life Insurance Software Solutions

Fully Integrated Suite of Cloud-Based Insurance Software Solutions

Andesa Services’ solutions allows you to achieve increased speed to market, cut costs, reduce risk and enjoy unparalleled data accuracy.

Choose the solutions that can help you achieve your goals:

How Andesa Helps

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Integrated and Secure Data Sources

By utilizing a single, integrated source of data for pre-sale and in-force illustrations, as well as plan and policy value calculations, we ensure accurate values throughout the entire plan development and administrative process.

Because our solutions are hosted in our secure, private cloud, self-serve data and user interface tools are accessible anywhere with an internet connection – saving time and money for your carriers and producers.

Improve Project Efficiencies

With our full suite of cloud-based life insurance SaaS and annuity solutions, there’s no hardware to purchase and maintain, extra staff to onboard or redundant, manual processes. Capturing, storing, auditing, reporting and delivering customer data is easy — and project costs are predictable.

By utilizing our fully integrated suite of life insurance and annuity solutions, you and your team can:

  • Reduce financial transaction errors
  • Manage compliance
  • Maintain accuracy of values across all systems
  • Reduce errors from ad hoc processes
  • Limit exposure from inaccurate or delayed in-force illustrations
  • Securely access data anywhere
  • Test new markets effectively and efficiently
  • Reduce time to market
  • Support flexible offerings
  • Implement scalable solutions

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