As part of its ongoing leadership succession planning, Andesa Services announces strategic changes to its executive leadership team.

Michelle Cramer has been named Director of Client Relationship Management/Chief Actuary, accountable for client management and retention. Michelle has been with Andesa since 2014. Her continued growth and added responsibilities will allow her to focus on the value Andesa brings to the market while leveraging her actuarial leadership talent across Andesa.

Laura Fell joined Andesa in 2017 and has been named Human Resources Officer. In her new role, she assumes full responsibility for all of Andesa’s human resources functions. Andesa’s employees are the driving force behind the company’s success. Laura’s experience, leadership and energy will be invaluable to attract, develop, support and engage the right talent now and into Andesa’s future.

Mark Wilkin, Andesa’s CFO since 2011, expands his role to include responsibilities in the area of sales, sales management, marketing and strategic partner development. Mark’s new title of CFO/Business Development Executive reflects these added accountabilities. Mark’s focus will help fortify Andesa’s continued success.

These changes align our organization’s talents to our strategic priorities focused on culture, employee engagement and satisfaction, performance and most importantly service to our clients.

As they move toward retirement, Vince Collier, Executive Vice President and Linda Ellison (“LE”), Director of Client Management, have now transitioned most of their executive responsibilities. However, they will continue to contribute to the organization as Advisors to the Executive Team. This move allows Andesa to continue to take advantage of the wisdom and years of experience of these individuals. Vince and LE will continue to participate in company planning efforts. In addition, they will serve as mentors to various leaders throughout the organization and will augment the leadership team where needed.

“These transitions honor the personal wishes of Vince and LE, long-time Andesa leaders, while recognizing the contribution of Michelle, Mark and Laura to Andesa’s success,” commented Ron Scheese, President and CEO of Andesa Services. “These changes align our organization’s talents to our strategic priorities focused on culture, employee engagement and satisfaction, performance and most importantly, service to our clients.”

  • About Andesa: Andesa began as a pioneer in the field of COLI/BOLI policy administration. Today more than 30 years later, Andesa provides comprehensive, integrated policy administration, plan administration and support solutions for life insurance and annuity carriers and producers. Partnered with numerous insurance companies (including 7 of the top 13 life and annuity carriers) along with several top distributors and producers, Andesa’s integrated approach to insurance and plan administration results in efficiency gains, reduced hardware costs, mitigated compliance risk and improved market response. This comprehensive suite of services is offered in a secure, private cloud environment. The Company’s highly-experienced team of U.S.-based professionals offers a true extension to a client’s business, providing insurers and producers—large and small—with administrative support for complex product and plan offerings.