Fraternal Insurance Cloud Solutions

Fraternal Benefit Societies Cloud-Based Solutions

Andesa Services is proud to provide cloud-based policy administration, illustrations and online agent and member portals to fraternal benefit societies.

Replace Legacy Systems with Cost-Effective Technology

By choosing Andesa, fraternals can cost-effectively replace legacy systems with best-in-class modern technology. Our solutions offer secure “anytime, anywhere” access to policy information, empowering your distribution team to get more done with less effort. And because we host everything in our private, redundant cloud, you can free up your IT resources to work on value-add activities.

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Resources for Fraternals

Gain access to our Fraternal datasheets including Fraternal Management, Disaster Planning and Recovery, Pre and Post Sale Illustrations, as well as New Business Agent Portals.

Where Can I See Andesa?

Andesa Services regularly attends trade shows and conferences for both the fraternal life insurance space in particular, and the industry in general.

If you see us at one of these events, we’d love to say hello.

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